'Uninstall Chinese Software, Boycott Hardware': Sonam Wangchuk's Clarion Call For Indians

‘Uninstall Chinese Software, Boycott Hardware’: Sonam Wangchuk’s Clarion Call For Indians


Sonam Wangchuk has advocated that Indians should start to boycott Made in China goods, arguing that the Chinese will feel the pinch harder on “their wallet”

Engineer turned education reformer Sonam Wangchuk has advocated that Indians should start to boycott Made in China goods, arguing that the Chinese will feel the pinch harder on “their wallet” than on the border “with bullets”.

Speaking to Republic TV on Friday, Sonam Wangchuk said the Chinese actions on the border with India are a result of domestic dissatisfaction over the Chinese government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s a totalitarian regime and so they are doing it. Therefore we should not leave the situation to the soldiers at the border but as citizens, we have to take responsibility too. We cannot be financing the same regime that is waging war against our soldiers. So I suggested that citizens should not buy their products and boycott ‘Made in China’, whether its hardware or software. That will be a strong signal to the (Chinese) regime because they don’t care about so much about our bullet power but when it comes to the economy, the wallet, they are scared of us. They need to be hurt economically, that’s for us to do.”

Uninstall software, phase out hardware

Sonam Wangchuk reiterated his demand for people to drop the use of Chinese software “within a week” like video sharing platform Tik Tok. He said Indians have the freedom to choose what they spend on with their wallet and if a country doesn’t treat India fairly then they should use boycotts as “personal economic sanctions”. 

“We should uninstall all their apps that make their (Chinese) companies rich. That money goes to make bombs and bullets to point at our borders. So first uninstall their apps. Then we should vote out hardware like electronics, clothes and machines slowly over a year. This signal, first from India and then the rest of the world, will hurt China which will affect their economy,” Wangchuk said.

He went on to suggest that Indians need not depend on cheap Chinese products and look for domestic alternatives. “These lockdowns have shown us that we can be happy with much less than what we used to have. So, rather than having five cheap Chinese shoes, we can choose to have one, very well handcrafted Indian-made pair of shoes. We have to make choices and those have to make impact on how we stand up to such countries.”

Following escalating border tensions between India and China, Wangchuk had posted a message on Twitter that went viral on the platform — “Cheen ko Jawaab, Sena degi bullet se, Naagrik dengey wallet se (Answer to China will be given by soldiers with their bullets and citizens with their wallets)”