TikTok rating on Google Play shoots up to 4.4 stars in just 24 hours

TikTok rating on Google Play shoots up to 4.4 stars in just 24 hours


TikTok’s rating stood at 2.9 stars just yesterday but the app now has almost 5 stars on Google Play Store.  

TikTok’s rating on Google Play Store has taken a completely different turn as it now stands at 4.4 stars. Just yesterday, the app’s rating was 2.9 stars and in less than 24 hours it has shot up to 4.4 stars.

TikTok’s rating saga has been going on for a few weeks now ever since people in India called for a ban of the app. The social media trend to delete TikTok lasted for a few days but it had a major impact on the app’s Google Play ratings. It was brought down to 1 star with millions of negative reviews flooding on the app store.

Google however helped the ByteDance-owned app by deleting millions of reviews on Play Store. Google said it removed millions of negative reviews “as a corrective action to curb spam abuse”.

App ratings on Google Play Store are displayed based on user reviews. Users can rate apps from 1 to 5 stars and submit a review along with it. iOS users can do the same on the App Store but TikTok hasn’t received the same response. There are 1.2 million reviews on the App Store for TikTok with 3.4 stars.

TikTok faced backlash from users especially Carry Minati fans followed by a complaint by the National Commission of Women for an offensive video. The short video app is otherwise very popular in India where it also receives the highest number of downloads from.