‘Request PM Modi to play on front foot’: Rahul Gandhi on lockdown exit plan


Rahul Gandhi said there has been one lockdown after another, but that has not helped check the spread of the disease.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initial plan to defeat coronavirus in 21 days has failed and that has pushed him on the backfoot, said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, urging the PM to play on the front foot.

Stressing his point further, the Congress leader said there has been one lockdown after another, but that has not helped check the spread of the disease. The country is presently in the fourth phase of lockdown, which will end on May 31.

“The PM will accept that his first plan failed. The PM has gone on back foot, I request him to play on the front foot,” said the Congress leader during a press interaction.

Gandhi said he is not going to criticise what happened in the past as he has an interest in today and what will happen tomorrow.

“Two months ago the PM said that we were going to fight a 21-day fight against Covid-19. It was his expectation that we would defeat the virus in 21 days,” said the Congress leader.

The Wayanad MP said the aim of lockdown has not been achieved and the coronavirus cases are on the rise. He exhorted the government to tell the country what is the new strategy.

“We need an injection of money and capital, it will be fatal if we do not do it. The unemployment situation in the country has been compounded by the coronavirus problem,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Speaking about the migrants’ situation, the Congress leader said in his meetings with them he was told that they have lost faith.

“They have a sense of hopelessness, they have been left alone. They have told me ‘hamara bharosa toot gaya (Have lost faith)’. I don’t like hearing those words. I don’t want a single Indian person to say those words. They are saying it more and more. Nobody should lose their faith. We can take action even now. Rs 7,500 should be given to workers every month,” said Gandhi.