Nirbhaya's Mother Lashes Out At Indira Jaisingh's 'follow Sonia, Forgive Rapists' Shocker

Nirbhaya’s Mother Lashes Out At Indira Jaisingh’s ‘follow Sonia, Forgive Rapists’ Shocker


Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi slammed Advocate Indira Jaising for her insensitive comments calling her ‘a blot’ on the name of women.

After Advocate Indira Jaising’s shocking comment asking Nirbhaya’s mother to ‘follow’ Sonia Gandhi and ‘forgive’ her daughter’s rapists, Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi has come out to slam the advocate calling her ‘a blot’ on the name of women.

On Friday, Indira Jaising had tweeted an ‘appeal’ to Asha Devi saying that just like Sonia Gandhi forgave the killer of her husband and stopped her from being hanged, she should do the same. She also stated that while she ‘identified with her pain’ she was against death penalty. Reacting to her statement Asha Devi asked Jaising how she even ‘dared’ to say her something so outrageous when the entire country was waiting for justice to be delivered for the past 7 years.

“I want to ask Indira Jaising who is she to appeal to me? She might be a mother of the rapists, a relative of these rapists but she is nothing to me. I have met her multiple times in the courts, she has never asked me how I was, but when it comes to the well being of the rapists, she is asking for forgiveness.” 

‘They run their business on this’ 

Asha Devi further attacked Indira Jaising and said, “A woman like Indira Jaising takes money from people in the name of Human Rights Activism. Their business runs on this. I suggest she should go and get in touch with 2-3 families of rapists so that she can keep running her business. I do not need anyone’s suggestions.” She also condemned the postponing of the rapists hanging from January 22 to February 1 saying, “What the murders wanted, the courts did, the government did. I am not happy about this at all.” 

Asha Devi also stated that she will never be able to forgive the rapists of her daughter even if God came down and asked her to do so. She said that Jaising would never have made such a careless comment if it was her daughter who had gotten raped so brutally instead. “Because of such women, girls are being raped, burnt and brutalized in the country. Because of such a mentality. Would she forgive if such an incident would have happened to her daughter or even her?” she asked.