Finance department: Assam Govt to disburse salaries and pensions for July from August 1

Finance department: Assam Govt to disburse salaries and pensions for July from August 1


Assam finance department has decided to disburse the July salaries and pensions of the state government’s employees and pensioners from August 1.

Much to the delight of the Assam Government employees, the finance department of the state has announced that the salaries and pensions for the month of July shall be disbursed from August 1 onwards. This month also, the employees of the Government shall be entitled to full months’ salaries.

An order in this regard was issued on Wednesday, July 29. In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown crisis, the finance department has governed the treasury officials to make necessary arrangements to pay the salaries and pensions from August 1.

This will come as a huge respite for the Government servants who were stating at possible salary cuts due to the ongoing pandemic that has burned a deep hole in the Government’s pocket. The tax revenues have dwindled to a great extent, and a significant amount of money has also been spent in upping the ante in regards to health infrastructure to fight the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, the economy has been crippled due to the virus-induced lockdowns.

Last month also, the Assam Government announced that the salaries for the month of June would be released on July 1. Breaking the news on Twitter, Assam finance and health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote, “I am pleased to share that the complete salary of Assam Government employees for June will be released on 1st July. Despite the apparent challenges and financial constraints, we’re trying our best to ensure the least problems for all. We highly value your patience and understanding”, Sarma tweeted.

Although Sarma himself had hinted that the Government would be hard-pressed to release salaries if the pandemic situation continued for more than 3 months, the Central Government’s intervention in the matter seems to have helped the Assam Government tide over the crisis phase.