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Chief secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna asks public opinion on unlock 1.0 in twitter; see netizen’s reactions

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Opinions from Guwhatians are being invited by state chief secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna regarding the lifting of lockdown in Guwahati.

This comes moments later after state health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the process of Unlock 1.0 in Guwahati will begin in phases.

Sarma said this while addressing the media in Guwahati on Thursday.

In a tweet, the chief secretary wrote, ” In view of the rapid rise of Covid 19 cases in Assam, especially in Guwahati, what are your concerns and expectations for Unlock 1.0?”

Till the filing of this report, the tweet has garnered over 1000 replies, in which a section has demanded the lifting of the lockdown while the other section has requested for the continuation of it for a few more days and weeks.

The tweet also received several suggestions as to what should be done in order to continue ‘mandatory’ social distancing as the city is unlocked.

A few users even said that instead of government-imposed lockdown, people should follow self-imposed lockdown and the government should allow the opening of businesses as the lockdown has hit the economy hard.

A few users, on the other hand, voiced out their angst against the government for continuing with the lockdown.

“Till today the government was doing lockdown on its on then now what is the purpose of asking to the public. Do whatever you all want as we all are nothing, because we will have to pay house rents, school fees, electricity bill, phone or mobile bills,” tweeted a user named Sachin Jain.

The ball is in now on the government’s court and only proper time will tell if the lockdown in Guwahati would continue or it would be lifted in a phased manner from Monday.

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