As Pakistan spreads anti-India propaganda across the world Mika Singh performs at a Karachi Wedding

As Pakistan spreads anti-India propaganda across the world Mika Singh performs at a Karachi Wedding


The removal of the special status provisions of Article 370 has increased the anxiety of our neighbour Pakistan. They’re so infuriated by our actions that they’ve threatened India of ‘heavy consequences’. Pakistan has attempted to internationalize the issue of Kashmir on all fronts and even announced to break all kinds of ties with India. This is not all; Pakistan has also banned all Indian films from being screened in Pakistan.

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Post the decision to abrogate Article 370, the tensions between the two nations are extremely high, and there are some people, who continue to keep their personal interests above the nation. It is unfortunate that when Pakistan has banned Bollywood, Bollywood singer Mika Singh went to perform in Pakistan just to earn a couple of bucks.

Recently, a video of Mika Singh has gone extremely viral, where Mika Singh is seen performing in Karachi in an extremely important event. According to the reports, it is said that Mika was performing at the wedding ceremony of a billionaire’s daughter. It is also said that the Karachi billionaire is extremely close to the ex Pakistani dictator, General Parvez Musharraf [Retd.], and that Mika Singh was paid 150000 US dollars for this performance.

Let it be known that ever since the Modi government abrogated Article 370, Pakistan has been livid and has broken all kinds of ties with India, including canceling the Samjhauta Express and banning the Bollywood movies. This is not all, Pakistan has banned all kinds of events, wherein Indian culture is displayed with pomp and pride. In such a scenario, Mika Singh’s performance in Pakistan is just for personal interests, for which he has been lambasted by several Indians on the social media –

Mika Singh’s performance in Karachi has not only raised questions on himself but also created a controversy in Pakistan. Some people are now questioning Imran Khan as to how he managed to get a visa.

Whatever has been the reason for giving Mika Singh a visa, but the truth is that Mika Singh kept his own interests above that of the nation. This is not the first time though that Mika Singh has committed such a despicable act. In 2017, he was criticized for performing on the occasion of the Pakistani Independence Day, especially at a time when many Indian soldiers were falling prey to the bullets of the Pakistani invaders. A video of his also went viral, where he said ‘Hamara Pakistan’ along with a Pakistani singer Rehan.

If Mika Singh had considered so, he could’ve boycotted the show and sent a powerful message to Pakistan, but he chose to be selfish here. On one side, the Pakistani cinema industry is wholeheartedly supporting the Pakistani stance on Article 370’s removal, and on the other hand, we have Mika Singh from the Indian cinema industry, who considers money to be above everything else.  In such a scenario, Mika Singh’s performance in the neighbouring country is extremely atrocious, as well as condemnable. With this move, Mika Singh has surely disappointed his followers in India.

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